Custom reports?
Idea shared by Jay Altemoos - 10/7/2016 at 11:35 AM
Is there a way to have a custom report I can run to look at say what emails were blocked by RBL checks, when emails get bounced due to spam, or Brute force reporting? I know I can look through the log file to find this, but I find it really cumbersome and I can't get totals for those listings like the other reports in the system give you.
I looked through the custom reports section and saw where you can put reports together on your own, but they are the built in reports that already exist. I didn't see a way that could specify something different like I mentioned above. Any idea if this might be available in the future?

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Hi Jay. This isn't current functionality in the reporting. I will however forward this on as a feature request for a later version.
Thanks Rod. I appreciate it.

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