Syncing salesforce calendar with Outlook and Smartermail
Question asked by Heimir Eidskrem - 9/26/2016 at 7:56 AM
Current Situation:
3 calendars, all islands.  Salesforce.com – Outlook – Android Smartphone
Linked with 2 pieces of software: Appirio CloudSync (links SF with Android) & Linkpoint 360 (links SF with Outlook).  Syncing reliability is less than desired across 10 active users, and sometimes is delayed by 24 hours on the smartphones.
Desired Situation:
1 calendar, SalesForce.com linked through Smart-Mail with Exchange ActiveSync to Outlook and Android
Roadblocks Identified: SalesForce currently does not support iCal or CalDAVs.  They actively keep their calendar an island & it appears that special software is required to sync other calendar accounts.
Trial Solution:
2 Calendars, both islands.  Salesforce.com and Smart-Mail with Exchange ActiveSync
Linked with 1 piece of software: Linkpoint 360
Problems Identified: Linkpoint has no configuration option to choose which calendar syncs with SalesForce.  Manual sync between the primary outlook calendar and the Smart-Mail calendar may be required.  Outlook does not allow selection of a separate Primary Calendar / Primary Data File.  They must be the same.

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