Create new domains on a network share
Question asked by Gerry Dubois - September 15, 2016 at 3:44 PM
The disk of my SM server is full.
I have to put the next customer (the next domain) on a network share.
I logged on to my file server using : \\fileserver\domains and then providing the username and password for the fileserver. So far everything is OK.
I configured the domainlist.xml file with : 
<Domain name="" directory="\\fileserver\Domains\" />
Smartermail however does not see this share.
I think it has to do with the fact the SM service is running as system-user and I only provided the password for the administrator.
How do you guys solve this?

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I haven't seen the issue as I have never done this. Perhaps you can try mapping the network drive as a letter with rights to admin and system users.
Hi Gerry,
Use same password for both File and Smartermail server and use "Logon" for both services as .\Administrator with password.
I had implemented this in my workstation and its working fine with no issue.
You can mail me if you want further info Email :

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