Create new domains on a network share
Question asked by Gerry Dubois - 9/15/2016 at 3:44 PM
The disk of my SM server is full.
I have to put the next customer (the next domain) on a network share.
I logged on to my file server using : \\fileserver\domains and then providing the username and password for the fileserver. So far everything is OK.
I configured the domainlist.xml file with : 
<Domain name="example.be" directory="\\fileserver\Domains\example.be" />
Smartermail however does not see this share.
I think it has to do with the fact the SM service is running as system-user and I only provided the password for the administrator.
How do you guys solve this?

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Gerry Dubois Replied
Assin Ontivi Replied
I haven't seen the issue as I have never done this. Perhaps you can try mapping the network drive as a letter with rights to admin and system users.
Ritesh Kakkad Replied
Hi Gerry,
Use same password for both File and Smartermail server and use "Logon" for both services as .\Administrator with password.
I had implemented this in my workstation and its working fine with no issue.
You can mail me if you want further info Email : anil@indsoft.net.

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