Ability to have custom fields for organizations and/or users
Idea shared by Anthony DePinto - 9/13/2016 at 1:12 PM
It would be very helpful to have the ability of having custom fields at the organization and/or the member level.  We're running into issues where employees/members of organizations are calling in and asking for help and they are not "authorized" to be requesting help/changes.  If we had the ability of a custom field inside SmarterTrack, we wouldn't have to keep track of this list separately.  Would be a huge help...    

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You may be able to achieve some of what you are looking to do by building "organizations" for your clients.
While it's not automatic, and I believe it should be when someone new registers in SmarterTrack, the organization tool can tie lots of information together, keeping it all in one place, and recognize someone as a member of the organization, linking a new ticket to the client's master database, automatically.

Here's the screen, with the entries, for our own CHICAGONETTECH:
SmarterTrack ORGANIZATION Screen
SmarterTrack ORGANIZATION Screen
it will track tickets, call logs, chats, surveys, and other data, so long as it matches to one of the criteria in the MEMBER'S screen
Here's an example of the MEMBER'S screen:
Member's Screen from SmarterTrack Organizations
Member's Screen from SmarterTrack Organizations
Again, it would be very nice for SmarterTrack to automatically request some of this information when someone from a particular company or domain initially creates an account in SmarterTrack.
Hope this helps you keep better track of your tickets!
 - Bruce
Here's an example of the TICKET'S screen:
Tickets Screen from SmarterTrack Organizations
Tickets Screen from SmarterTrack Organizations
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