Webmail Interface Redesign
Idea shared by Joseph Rebis - 9/8/2016 at 1:32 PM
Hello SM,
When will we be seeing a redesigned web mail interface (admin and client)?
1) This one is very old and not responsive. The mobile interface was too much too late.
2) One that doesn't freeze and lock up the browser with spinners forcing you to clear cookies.
3) One that works on an iPad / iPhone and doesn't have pinch and zoom issues
4) One that doesn't look so dark and heavy.
5) Has IM built in and/or IM to email.
6) Does a better job selling it's advanced features like storage, IM etc.
Despite being a world ahead of options like Roundcube and Horde- clients outright hate it. Loosing customers to 365 by the fistful. So while webmail in general is making a turn-about with Office 365 and Gmail we are far behind.

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There is a new Interface coming in version 16 which I think is due in November. I am not convinced it bridges the gap with O365 OWA though. A few screenshots can be found at:
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>> clients outright hate it. [Losing] customers to 365 by the fistful. <<
Good to hear about the new interface. I just get so frustrated as it's such a good product but web mail is a turn off.

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