Domain / User Alias - Is this possible?
Question asked by Mandeep Khalsa - 9/6/2016 at 2:00 PM
I have a domain setup with some 200 users. We want to move some 50 of these existing users to their own respective domain's so that their emails addresses are going to be user@newemaildomain.com instead of user@genericdomain.com and in doing so will most likely change the usernames as well.
For example a user is called libertypark@email.com and after the changes should be called info@libertypark.com
I understand that we have domain aliases and user aliases but I am not sure if doing that is going to work in this case. If I create 50 such domain aliases (libertypark.com and point them to genericdomain.com) can I then turn around and create aliases for the existing users and have them all co-mingle nicely?
Mandeep Khalsa

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If you created the domain libertypark.com with an info user then create a user alias for libertypark on the email.com and set it to point to info@libertypark.com, it would work.  Make sure that you copy the libertypark@email.com user data files over to info@libertypark.com before removing the libertypark@email.com user.
1. Create libertypark.com domain;
2. Create a info folder in the libertypark.com\users folder;
3. Copy libertypark@email.com data files over to this newly created folder;
4. Open the userConfig.xml and search for libertypark and replace with info for all applicable occurrences (username, contact info, popup alerts, etc.);
5. Goto System Admin -> Manage -> Restore, select Attach user and enter info@libertypark.com
6. Press Restore
7. Remove the user libertypark@email.com
8. Create a user alias libertypark that points to info@libertypark.com
Any messages sent to libertypark@email.com will be directed to info@libertypark.com.
I hope this helps.

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