Events with recurrence option are deleted
Problem reported by ram - September 1, 2016 at 7:49 PM
All events with recurrence option are deleted without any reason except events without recurrence.
This problem is here with SmarterMail 15.3.6081
I have the email account with EAS option and connected using Windows 10 Mail, Outlook 2016, Apple Mail and Webmail.
What is the problem? Which is the software that it is deleting the events?

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actually I've noticed also this issue. It was occuring also in previous version of SM.
My Helpdesk contacted me last week about this same issue. Their recurring events are being randomly deleted. 
We added them back and sometimes between now and last Friday (over the long weekend), they were again deleted.
Would it be possible to get some feedback as to whether this might be an outstanding issue? If the devs don't believe it is, maybe give us some guidance as to where we can look in the logs to find out what is happening.
(We are also running SmarterMail 15.3.6081 and just to clarify, all of the users on the domain that is experiencing the problem are exclusively using webmail so, I don't think our issue has anything to do with Outlook or EAS) 
I think developers are looking at this and lots of other Exchange Active Sync issues. Our specific problem is that appointments accepted over EAS show tentative not busy. I think developers also are finding issues of duplicate calendar events and we're told a release is coming it fix EAS issues. Maybe Smarter Tools can comment further?
Polled some users internally. Several have mentioned seeing recurring events disappear when connected with Exchange Active Sync on Outlook or a mobile device.
This has also happened for us.  We are using it in webmail on a desktop, windows 10
Would be nice if there was a reply from ST about this.
I can say that ST is certainly aware of the issue as I reported this exact bug on Sep 1st and it was quickly escalated to development.  Unfortunately, I haven't heard back since Sep 2.
I have users that are webmail-only being affected and, in my testing, the server was wiping out the recurring appointments almost immediately after they were restored from backup.
I have so many pissed off users right now.
Every time I wish to upgrade from an earlier version (which is running very well indeed - with some known limitations), I wait. I see a new release, and wait. And then a bug such as this one comes up and I'm kinda glad I waited. You would think that the "engine" that is the calendar (for example) doesn't change much, so that new bugs such as these don't happen.
With the SM version I'm on with one of my clients, events don't get deleted, but some events disappear right after creating them, which is disconcerting, but then they are there, and they stay. I still haven't figured out that issue, but I'm certainly concerned about this latest wrinkle.
Since no one from ST didn't responded here I've sent support ticket for this issue.
Tim Uzzanti Replied
Employee Post
Yea, we discovered the issue and it is currently being worked on for our next minor releases.  It has to do with the auto-clean feature.  Any tickets that were opened will be refunded.
Tim Uzzanti
Tim Uzzanti
SmarterTools Inc.
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Hi Tim, since the developers will be working on the auto-clean for calendar items, can they fix the auto-clean for Deleted Items also? It incorrectly uses 'message date' instead of 'date deleted.' See:
It's been on the list for almost 2 years now and is one of your top 10 most-requested features/fixes. Thank you!
I prefer disable or delete the deletion of old calendar events because it's more important recurrence events that it being deleted by error.
The calendar function is remember us and not viceversa.
It's very difficult remember all deleted events when the calendar is large.
Installed 15.3.6095 and we can create recurring events in the Smarter Mail calendar, but when we click to open and edit them the pop up times out. Doesn't open. Anyone else seeing this?

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