Smartermail login page flagged by google as an unsafe site
Question asked by Peter Konshak - 8/29/2016 at 10:11 AM
Our Smartermail e-mail server login page has been red-flagged and is giving a "deceptive site ahead" red page.
I am apparently unable to put a hyperlink in my post here -- but it is webmail carmel lib in us (add dots).
Logging into Google's webmaster tools, clicking security issues, download examples, there are no samples of what exactly is found.  No date, no sample snippet.  
I have scanned the server with an anti-virus and found nothing.  I have viewed the code of the login.aspx page in question -- I see nothing suspicious, it has not changed in two years.  Compared to a backup from a week and it is identical.
I have used other online scanners to scan the page and they find nothing.
Based on that I thought this may be a false positive, so I submitted it for review and it was again flagged.  Again, no data given as to WHY it is failing their tests.
I've no idea what else to try -- thoughts?  Has anyone else run up against this?

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Scarab Replied
Definitely strange as I am not showing that Smartermail Portal flagged by Google Safe Browsing (or any other Website Blacklist). shows it as clean and not flagged as suspicious. Perhaps it took a while before the updatesyou made in Google Webmaster Tools propagated to Google Safe Browsing?
Do you perhaps use another URI that redirects to that one? Or another domain with masking pointed to that one? 
Peter Konshak Replied
So late yesterday, the warning messages in the Google webmaster tools Dashboard under Security Issues suddenly disappeared, and were replaced by the text "Currently, we haven't detected any security issues with your site's content."
So anyway, it appears to be fixed.  Shrug.

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