SamrterMail Web Server service often stops without advice
Problem reported by Gabriele Maoret - 8/29/2016 at 12:10 AM
The SmarterMail Web Server service stops itself often without any advice.
This is a big issue.
My Server is a SmarterMail Professional 15.3.xxx on a dedicated  Windows 2012 R2 machine without any other software (all Windows Updates applied).

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Bruce Barnes Replied
Have you checked both the SmarterMail and Windows logs?
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Paul Blank Replied
You can probably set the service to restart if it quits - in the Recovery tab of ths IIS service (World Wide Web Publishing Service), when running services.msc - but it's likely a symptom of another issue, as you suspect.
I have had services quit without warning, when a hard drive of a mirrored pair was failing, for example. Obviously there can be other reasons. You might try a chkdsk x: /f  (where x = the drive letter) from an elevated command prompt, which would require a server restart if it's the boot volume. If it's not the boot volume, you might want to stop the SM service and IIS before commencing.
As Bruce is suggesting, check the logs (including Windows events).

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