[SOLVED] - SmarterMail 100% CPU usage after upgrado to 15.3 (previously usage 3-4%)
Problem reported by Gabriele Maoret - 8/26/2016 at 1:00 AM
Today I go on upgrade of SmarterMail from 15.2.xxx to 15.3.xxx.
The upgrade went fine, but suddenly after the SmarterMail process begins to use 100% CPU, when previously was at 3-4%.

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Hemen Shah Replied

Is it still the same ? i too am looking forward for this but your post has kept me waiting and would to hear from others before i proceed.

Gabriele Maoret Replied
After a couple of reboot it seems to be recovered to 3-4% of CPU usage.
Hemen Shah Replied
Ok, could you pls post your observation after couple of hrs if it looks or again going high..

thanks for quick update.
Gabriele Maoret Replied
After a few hours there's no more issue.
Bruce Barnes Replied
We also upgraded last evening, and, with the exception of a minor dpike in CPU utilization, inmediately aftet the upgrade was completed, did not aee any issues. In fact, and, probably because of some the changes made to how DNS is queried, we are seeing much faster queue and antispam clearing.
The issues of DNS causing SmarterMail to crash were referenced in the changes list for version 15.3. Another issue, also mentiobed as being fived in 15.3 was improper uogrades to domain configuration files. I suspect what you ran into was a delay caused bt SmarterMail's checkibg all of the likes which either needed to be converted, as part of the upgrade process., 
If you have a lot of domains and users, this might take some time - also depending on your hardware ,drive configurations, and the amount of traffic that is being pushed through your SmarterMail server.
If CPU utilization becomes an issue again, I would try two things, making certain that your ERROR, SNTP, POP, and DELIVERY logs are set to DETAILED first, making certain you are keeping those logs for 30 to 60 days, minimum:
1. Reboot you SmarterMail server and, after it comes back up, login as the SmarterMail admin, and monitor the CPU utilization;
2. Monitor disk I/O and CPU utilization via task manager. You can also log that activity using the RESOURCE MONITOR so you can get an e en better picture of what's going on in the server.
3. Try uninstalling, rebooting, and reinstalling SmarterMail 15.3 As an additional way of ensuring that minor upgrades are not corrupted, we always STOP both the SmarterMail service and IIS web interfaces when doing a minor upgrade.
Finally, remember to disable the built-in SmarterMail web server. It should only be used for the ery first installation of SmarterMail, and the disabled . If nothing suggested above works, then you should consider opening a support ticket with SmarterTools. That's where the log files will be very helpful.
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