Mailbox consistency?
Problem reported by Matthew Titley - August 19, 2016 at 9:10 AM
Hi all,
Running 15.2.6039. I added the EAS add-on license to my SM license recently. It's working well, overall. I was cleaning my large and newly reconfigured EAS enabled Outlook profile and reduce the inbox from 19,000 items down to 3,000 and then emptied deleted items without error. However, when I log into webmail, SM still shows 19,000 messages rather than the EAS/Outlook pared down item count of 3000. Shouldn't the server have marked those messages for deletion from my mailbox account?
The odd thing is that at the moment, if I have both Outlook open, as well as webmail side-by-side, and I delete messages arriving this morning one at a time, they disappear in both clients as they should due to proper syncing. Anyone have any advice?

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Paul Blank Replied
Shouldn't be necessary, perhaps, but have you tried rendering your email account?

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