Integration with some kind of remote desktop utility like logmein
Idea shared by Marc Frega - August 19, 2016 at 8:56 AM
While I appreciate the help desk software and am a customer of Smartermail, I really need to be able to have help desk software that integrates LogMeIn or replaces it. I service around 600PCs using LogMeIn now. I would love to be able to have people come to my chat on the website using smartertrack and be able to launch a remote desktop session of some sort.  Is there any plans for this or maybe someone else chime in and agree with me! thanks

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I doubt that SmarterTools will ever create a "Remote Control" feature, that is a whole different service all together. But there are services out there tailored for "Remote Assistance". I used to use LogMeIn myself (at an individual level, not for wide-support), recently I terminated my account because their service price changes became cost prohibitive for me.

Have you looked into BOMGAR? That have "embeddables" and "APIs" that can be used to create links in your own website (like SmarterTrack) that customers can use to initiate remote support requests (

Hope this helps.

- Ben
Ben Santiardo, Programmer Analyst
Eastern Suffolk BOCES
Take a look at

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