Include Ticket Link for User in Email Reply
Idea shared by dhaddad - August 12, 2016 at 7:32 AM
We only allow users to reply to tickets via the web interface. 
I can't seem to figure out how to configure tickets such that when an agent replies the URL for the ticket is appended to the message. So when the user gets the email they can click the link to reply.
Is this possible? 

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Hey there,
I went ahead and changed this thread type from a Question to an Idea, as this is not current functionality in SmarterTrack. I do think it's a great idea though! 
You wouldn't be able to send them the ticket link you find when you popout a ticket in its own window, as an end user won't have access to the Management Interface. However, having a way to append a message to your replies that links to your support portal's Tickets section would be beneficial. Or even adding a way to directly link to their ticket in the portal.
A possible workaround for the time being may be to use System Events to follow up with another reply when ticket messages are sent, and that reply could include a link to your portal. It's not an ideal solution, I know, but it's something...

Andrea Rogers
Communications Specialist
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