Cyren Antispam in cluster setup
Question asked by WebControl GmbH - 8/9/2016 at 6:54 AM
Hello community and team,
we're using SmarterMail with four incoming gateways and one central MDA. The central MDA installation is licensed with a unlimited SmarterMail Enterprise Edition. The incoming gateways running without license key as free edition.
Now we added "Cyren Premium Antispam" to our license. Obviously, the best practice would be to let the incoming gateways do the antispam work.
For understandable reasons using the same key on multiple instances is prohibited by SmarterTools. But is there a workaround or solution for this kind of cluster setup?     
Thanks and kind regards,

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kevind Replied
I agree that it would be nice to offload the antispam work to the gateways. Here's a thread where I suggested scoring Bayes & Cyren on the primary, and then adding that to the score coming from the gateway:
There may be other ways to solve this as well.
Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi Viktor,
It is not currently possible to use Cyren Premium Antispam on a gateway server, and I believe this is a limitation put in place by our licensing agreements with Cyren. There is an older thread where users discussed this, and one mentioned reaching out to Cyren directly for their answer. You can review that if you'd like here: https://portal.smartertools.com/community/a575/cyren-licensing-on-incoming-gateways.aspx
I hope this helps.

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.


WebControl GmbH Replied
Hello Kevin,
hello Andrea.

Thanks for your reply and the informative links!

I guess we have to live with the fact, that it's simply not possible... :-/

Kind Regards,

WebControl GmbH Replied
Hi Kevin,

I read the thread you mentioned and when I'm understanding right, it is possible to make RBL-, SA-checks on the incoming server and additionally cyren-checks on the primary.

I activated Cyren and Bayes now on the primary, but I do not see any spam checks in the delivery log of the primary server. Just:

Skipping spam checks: Spam checks done by incoming gateway

kevind Replied
In version 15.2, spam checks can be done on gateway or primary, but not both. My suggestion in that thread is to improve SM so that the two servers work together. AFAIK, this capability does not yet exist.
WebControl GmbH Replied
Oh, this is really really bad. So Cyren cannot be used on multiple incoming servers because of licensing and I have to run it on the primary. But SmarterMail isnt't able to make spam checks on incoming gateway AND on primary. At the end of the day I have to let the primary server do all the anti spam work when I want to use Cyren?!

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