Chat Reporting
Question asked by Brett Humphries - 7/22/2016 at 8:02 AM
Does anyone currently use or know of a third-party utility that would give some reporting capabilities to chat sessions?
We have a customer that is interested in using chat, but would like to be able to have usage statistics.
I know you can search the conversations via keywords and dates or by user.
But we're after more detailed information:
    * What time a conversation took place between two users (could technically be done with the keyword search)
    * How much time a particular user is spending on chat
    * How much time user A is spending talking to user B (or C or D, etc.)
    * Other possible scenarios
Is there something out there? I know it's all kept in log files that could be searched so we could build something. But hoping not to have to reinvent the wheel if it's already out there.

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