Calendar records don't show all invitation data
Problem reported by John Christensen - July 14, 2016 at 3:40 PM
My hosting service (DiscountASP.NET) uses SmarterMail (Version 15.1.6005).  Overall, I think SmarterMail does a decent job but Calendars could use some work. If I receive a meeting invite, what gets stored (or at least what is visible) is a lot less than what the invitation contains. This morning, I received a GoTo Meeting invitation. In Outlook, I could see links to the website, passwords, phone numbers, etc. None of this was visible in SmarterMail. I checked the description tab but the panel was blank. I couldn't even see most of the attendees because the field was grayed out which prevented me from panning to the right. And finally, when you click "Delete" on a Calendar record, there is no "Are you sure?" warning.  It gets deleted and there's no recycle bin.

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