SMTP server Priority List?
Idea shared by J Lee - 7/10/2016 at 3:09 PM
Hi Guys this is my wish list
Current Mail Priority does not work, If an email bounces delivery it should follow priority list? Bounces should use Priority 2 outgoing SMTP, if that fails, then Priority 3 outgoing SMTP should be used and so on, until priority list ends, then bounce message to sender as undeliverables.
Other issues.
  1. Save Email on send or reply to a folder other than Sent Items.
  2. Email Sort in Shared Contact View for a shared resource that shares both Contact List and Inbox.
  3. Embed Calendar iframe code for webpages.
  4. The ability to re-order shared mail boxes and/or color code them.
  5. The ability to encrypt by domain folder.
  6. OpenPGP, cert generator and webmail integration.

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Hi J.  I'll pass this feature list over to the developers.  

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