How to update a subscriber in a mailing list
Question asked by Connie DeCinko - 7/1/2016 at 3:25 PM
In my continuing project to create a user interface for staff to manage email addresses in mailing lists, I may have hit a speed bump.  It appears there is no method for updating an existing entry?  If I change/edit an email address in the SM admin, all the related data stays, bounces, message log, etc.  It looks like via the API my only option is to delete the current email address and then add the person back with the revised address?  and that means adding them back to every list they subscribe to?

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Hi Connie, 

Apologies about the late reply on this thread. I was reviewing some other discussions about mailing lists and came across this one. SmarterMail 16.x was built to be 100% web API driven. That means that every aspect of Smartermail is exposed and can be automated and integrated into control panels, monitoring platforms or scripted into any fully automated environment. There are web calls available for adding, editing, removing and searching for subscribers; adding, removing and exporting banned users; adding, deleting and updating mailing lists, etc. 

Here's the SmarterMail 16.x API Documentation for Mailing Lists: 

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