A proposal to get rid of View User Password but continue to support users
Idea shared by Gabriele Maoret - 6/30/2016 at 4:54 AM
Make parameter "e-mail for password recovery" editable in the users settings by administrators AND usable in "User Defaults" and "User Propagation".

This way an admin can make his own mail address the standard mail for recovery customers password.
Obviously, the recovery message must contain a way to view current password. 

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Another option is a tool for admins that export Users settings (decripted password in plain view included) to a CSV file, like the one present in MailEnabel and in mDaemon
You could also do it with Imail.
Kendra Support
Junk Email filtered ISP
You can add more security to the show password function adding an automatic e-mail advise to the user every time the password is viewed (both to SM account and Recovery e-mail address if present)

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