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Problem reported by Gloops - 6/21/2016 at 1:13 PM
Hello everybody,
I am French, my web hoster proposes Smartermail Enterprise 11.7 for the webmail access.
One of the mail fields is showed with the label "Plage de dates", which means "dates range". In that field, we see the name of the sender. When I print a mail, it is printed like that.
I presume this is because that column has the same id as a column in the reports, that present mail statistics. I presume a label error on the reports would be less annoying as they are for internal use ?
At what level must I refer to correct this ? Does my web hoster have easy access to this, or is it subject to wait for a new version of Smartermail ?

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Eric Tykwinski Replied
It's pretty easy to fix in the newer versions. XML docs are posted on the download page, and it's a quick edit. https://www.smartertools.com/downloads/Translations/SmarterMail15_Lang_All.zip

I can't remember about SmarterMail v11 though.
Gloops Replied
OK thank you. "Plage de dates" corresponds to @From and AdvancedSearch_EmailFrom, and it seems to be a translation error in both cases, supposing the resource name is meaningful as it seems. Maybe the correct translation deserves to be thought about once having this info.
About the implementation, of course as a final user I do not see that file on the server, I imagine the host support will find in the documentation where the file is to be found and when/how to update it ?

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