Add the Password Reset email to System Messages so we can change the subject line and/or email content
Idea shared by Connie DeCinko - June 14, 2016 at 10:50 AM
When a user attempts a password reset, they get a mail with the subject SmarterMail Password Reset which can be confusing if they don't know what or who SmarterMail is.  How can we change the subject and email content to at least the domain name or our branded name?  How can we edit the content of the email to include information on who to contact if the reset fails or they have questions?

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Hi Connie!
At this time the password reset email is not among the list of configurable system messages. I've passed along this request to add the password reset email to the System Messages that System Administrators are able to edit. I will change this thread from a Question to an Idea to facilitate tracking on its implementation.
Thank you!

Andrea Rogers
Communications Specialist
SmarterTools Inc.

This is one of those "usability" issues, and it should be fixed as requested, and as soon as possible!
If ST now insists (indeed they do) on not allowing admins to see passwords, the password reset procedure should be as simple and transparent as possible to the user.
The messages associated need to convey the same naming/branding as the login screens and not cause confusion that some third party is trying to trick them into resetting their password.
Is there any update to it? This thread is from 2016, there should be a way to edit this.

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