Use Xeams for spam detection
Idea shared by Linda Collins - 6/7/2016 at 4:49 PM
Hi all,
I have finally implemented the spam software Xeams as a front end to SmarterMail running on the same computer. Xeams is a totally free spam engine with features far superior to SmarterMail spam detection. The live logging is what got my attention. This is not a sales pitch, this product is totally free.
Here are the steps to add it to SmarterMail
Assumptions for the examples below (substitue your IP's)
    You only have 1 public IP address. The address is MX record for your domain refers to this address.
    The internal IP address of your primary server
    Your firewall forwards in-coming traffic for port 25 to
    You have a working SmarterMail server and want to add a superior spam filter.
Modifications to computer/server
    Add IP address to WAN NIC IPv4 in TCP settings
    Modify the SMTP port used in SmarterMail from 25 to 2525. Settings>Bindings>Ports
    Configure SmarterMail to forward all out-bound messages to Settings>Protocol Settings>SMTP out.
    Insure Domains>Edit>Technical>Outbound IPv4 is set to for every domain.
Xeams Installation Procedure
    Install Xeams for Windows on the machine.
    Configure Xeams to run in Firewall mode. Server Configuration. Add DNS Servers
    Enable SMTP Proxy Server, bind to, SMTP Proxy port 25, Actual Email Server Host, and Actual Email Server port 2525.
    Enable SMTP Server, bind to, SMTP port 25.
    Add the IP 192.168.20.* in Relaying tab, set for closed relay, Reject emails for invalid users-off (unless user list is added).
Restart computer
    Add all local and client IP's to whitelist. ie 192.168.1.*
    Have at least 4GB memory and increase Max Memory to 1/2 free/available memory. Home>Memory Status>settings. Follow directions for reinstalling Xeams service
    Running the SMTP Proxy only did not work for me with SmarterMail because of port conflicts. You must run the SMTP Server as well.
    After a solid testing period, disable all the spam filters in SmarterMail to increase performance.
    Add ClamAV after a solid testing period.
    Tested on an HP Pro 6300 with i3-3570, 8GB, 500GB HD, Windows 7. Running now on a Dell T20 Server, Xeon E3-1280, 16GB, 500GB SSD, Windows Server 2012 R2
Ensure you do not have any SMTP blocking enabled in Security>Advanced Settings>Abuse Detection. This will cause the Xeams server to be blacklisted if a brute force or similar attack happens.

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