Contacts and Calendar problem - Mailservice.exe eating RAM and CPU
Problem reported by Giorgio Borra - May 23, 2016 at 8:32 AM
SmarterMail15.0.5976, we have a problem with contacts and related calendar.
We use Calendar to fix appointments for consultants in our store.
Every consultants have a mail address and appear in Contacts - Global Address Lists.
Store Manager fix appointments for every consultants in Calendar, using tab "participants" and including all consultants (16 users).
After migrations from v. 14 to v.15 we have notice a problem when we go in Contacts and selecting one of the 16 consultants. When we click on a contact the service Mailservice.exe on the server start to eat memory and CPU, we notice that in few seconds the server it's gone from 2 to 6 GB ram and from 1-2% cpu to 85-90 %. When the server has reached 6 GB ram the system has become unstable and smartermail stop respond.
The only way I found is to restart mailservice.exe service.
I attempt to solve stopping IIS, uninstalling SmarterMail, restarting server, reinstalling SmarterMail. Nothing to do. Same problem.
Server is a Windows 2008R2 Enterprise Virtual Machine on Hyper-v Server with 6 GB Ram and 4 CPU assigned. Domain have 90 users.
Please I need help with this problem, is anyone have the same situation ?

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This sounds like it's related to other reported calendar problems:
I appreciate that, and am hoping this is resolved.

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