Outlook 2016, Large Attachments and Activesync
Problem reported by Brian Ebers - 5/13/2016 at 9:47 AM
Smartermail Enterprise Version 14.5.5871.   An end user of mine is trying to send a large attachment about 20MB via Outlook 2016 connected to SM via ActiveSync account.    It never sends, waited at least 5 minutes just sits in Outbox.  The user has an IMAP account on the same server with a different domain and it sends just fine though it takes a minute or two, same Outlook 2016 installation just a different account.  I understand the IMAP account is sending out via SMTP first and the message eventually syncs to server SENT box after leaving the local outbox.
Am I hitting a protocol limitation here or do I have my hopes too high for the ActiveSync account type.  I know the standard answer is "IMAP" is the best account type for Outlook but looking for any ideas or comments.  Thanks in advance.

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Scott Carullo Replied
Any word on this? It appears to be a smartermail issue.
Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, And EMClient all have the same issue with sending attachments >20MB. Suspect phone mail clients are also effected, I just haven't been able to find a client that allows me to attach more then 20MB worth of attachments.
I've ensured that attachment sizes are all high. And can send via SMTP and webmail with no issue. 
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hello.  Outlook 2013/2016 have their own built-in maximum attachment size of 20Mb.  If you wish to increase that limit, you would need to add a registry entry per this Microsoft KB Article.  I hope this helps.  

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