Require newly created accounts to be validated before becoming live
Idea shared by Connie DeCinko - May 12, 2016 at 1:50 PM
We are getting ready to move from an ancient copy of iMail to SmarterMail.  IMail has a column in the database called flags that they use to determine the user level.  If we set the flag to 129 for a newly created account, then we require staff validate the person is truly one of our members and not on our blacklist.  We then set the flag to 128 which makes the account active.
I know you can enable and disable SmarterMail accounts, it's either off or on.  Is there a way to make an account any other flavor?  Such as awaiting validation, or suspended while we investigate possible TOU abuse, etc..  Maybe we could set a value in the account we could use to flag them?

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