SmarterMail migration to Windows2012
Question asked by Michael Barber - May 4, 2016 at 12:43 PM
I'm following the step to get the IIS web server running
Right now, when I browse, it fails.  
By default on Windows 2012, only authentication that is allowed is that correct?...because it is not working.

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Ok, I figured it out.  Most bizarre thing ever.  I had gone into Roles and installed ASP.NET 4.5, asp, 2.0, 3.5, everything.  It did flag a yellow error saying something about the software install not being on the disk, but I clicked Install anyway and it let it go through.  I read someone that it has to go and get it via the Internet because it is not in the software distribution...probably because you blink your eyes and there is a new version.
Then when it was done, I could see 4.5 was available in IIS and I could also see that 4.0+ was installed at c:\windows\microsoft.NET\framework & framework64.  HOWEVER, having said all that it was NOT actually correctly or completely installed.  When I went back through the role manager to see if there was something I didn't install that I need to 4.5 was once again "unchecked".  I checked it off a second time and this time didn't get the yellow error and it went all the way through. Good old MicroCrap.
Make certain you have: - updated to .NET 4.5. Once updated, the .NET settings are almost identical, search the SmarterMail knowledgeable base for Server 2012 and IIS. My portal, at, may also help you, with some additional details. - If you have new IP ADDRESSE(S), make certain to change the IP ADDRESSES of the domains, host record, and port mappings - Remember, the primary host name must be the FQDN of the server, and, if you have a new server, then you may want to name it the same as the previous. - I would also suggested going directly to the next release of SmarterMail 15, but, remember, you must uninstall the prior version, stop IIS, reboot the server, and then install the new major version of SmarterMail. Remember to disable the internal SmarterMail web server, it is not designed for production use. You should also update your DNS records, rDNS,SPF, and verify DMARC, if you are using it.
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