Exchange Active Sync & Android 5.1 on Wiko Lenny 2
Question asked by marco radoux - 5/2/2016 at 6:04 AM
Hello there,
one of my customers like to connect to his calendar via exchange active sync on a wiko lenny 2 with android 5.1.
I added a new exchange account with the needed parameters, and it seems that everything works. But the problem is that the data is shortly shown and then disapears again. When I like to select the needed calendar it is not shown.
I know that there are several problems connecting android with smartermail, but is there perhaps a hint for me ?
Thanks for your help. Greetings Marco

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marco radoux Replied
Hello there,
I searched a little bit more around and found a solution in using "NINE - Exchange on Mobile", which I found on the Playstore. There is a free trial and it works. Great. 
Greetings Marco.

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