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Idea shared by Ray Trager - 4/29/2016 at 4:25 PM
1. The ability to sort the names that are in the aliases. Currently there is no way to do this. The only workaround is to export everything from that list to Excel, sort it and then copy it back this is laborious. If you just want to add one user you have to manually go through find out where that user would be inserted and insert them in that location of the list.

2. The ability to get reports on the contents of each aliases. Such as a report to show all the email addresses in each alias.

3. The ability in the setup of the users email to select which aliases they are assigned. For example if we set up a new user and we have aliases 1, 2, 3 and 4; and this user is only to be in Aliases 1 and 3. If we were to check those boxes 1 and 3 it would automatically add the new user's email address to those aliases.

4. Currently in creating custom reports it seems to be extremely limited in the type of reports that you can get based on users. For example I would like to have a report that shows me every email address set up for a domain. I would like to be able to get a report on what mailing lists there are and who is in each mailing list those are just two examples of reports that would be very helpful to us.
Ray Traeger

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