select date from Calendar view show ?? when using Chinese language
Problem reported by Juan Lai - 4/27/2016 at 8:06 PM
Hello there,
   I am evaluating SmarterMail Version 15.0.5949, using the language file download
from SmarterTools.
   I login selecting Chinese language (either zh-CN or zh-TW ), when I want pickup
a date through Calendar Day View.  The Calendar will show ? on day or month. 
   But it will be no this issue when I switch back to English. I also try de and fr, and
no issue found. I've check en.XML and zh-CN.XML and found no related mapping 
   Please kindly help to figure it out where to fix it. Thanks!
My Server is Windows 2012 R2, Build 6.3.9600
Juan Lai

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