SmarterMail migration tool improvements
Idea shared by Manuel - 4/26/2016 at 12:49 PM
I would suggest some improvements to mailbox migration and imap retrieval currently integrated into SmarterMail.
I have migrated many mailboxes in recent years, and in many cases I had to use third-party tools such as imapsync.

Many times logs of SmarterMail report me thath mailbox is migrated, but not show me if all items/e-mail is migrated.
I suggest for next minor/major release:
- on mailbox migration log and imap retrieval log, report more information, for example how many folder, emails/items exists on source mailbox;
- how many email/items as been migrated correctly;
- how many email/items are not migrated and if possibile because;
- possibility to mapping source folders to different destinatation folders;
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