How can I create a local RBL combined with local host file
Question asked by Colton Morrison - April 12, 2016 at 2:00 PM
I have set up a Linux box with rbldnsd which is functional if I can specify the private IP, however my DNS settings in SmarterMail reference public DNS servers. Those DNS servers won't resolve the domain of rbl.localrbl, obviously. 
My question is - can we configure the smartermail system use the local hosts file? Or is there another way to tell SmarterMail what the local IP is for one or more domains local to the smartermail server?

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SmarterMail just uses DNS, querying the DNS Servers you set in SETTINGS > GENERAL SETTINGS. If you were using your own DNS Servers and the hostname of your RBLDSD server is pointed to the Internal IP then you can simply use RB.LOCALRBL for the Hostname in your SmarterMail Antispam checks.
Since you are using Public DNS Servers and you don't have this domain in your DNS then alternately you can add an entry to your HOSTS file (located at %Windir%\System32\drivers\etc on the server running SmarterMail) that points to the local IP. For example, if RB.LOCALRBL is at then you would add the following line:    rb.localrbl    #local RBL Server
Then, any attempts to connect to RB.LOCALRBL will circumvent DNS entirely and go directly to the internal IP Address you have mapped in your Hosts file!

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