Is it possible to downgrade SmarterMail?
Question asked by Mark Thornton - 4/10/2016 at 9:42 PM
Wondering about reversing the upgrade of a few weeks back down to version 11. Is it possible? My organization is complaining about the performance impact in the calendar function of the web app and are expecting me to make some sort of change.

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Paul Blank Replied
There's another reason I'm still on v11 with one client. Certain others have abandoned SM entirely.
Yea, Hey Smarter Peeps !  When is this calendar speed going to get fixed ?  It is horrible !

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Mark Thornton Replied
I've been told it is possible to downgrade but that I should have really good backups. That is good advice as something always seems to go wrong when I start big tasks without the proper protection in place. 
I updated the ticket regarding the calendar issue for those that are interested in what we've learned. 
For some reason I couldn't get the link function in the post editor to work...

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