adding an RBL entry from countries.nerd.dk
Question asked by Chris Papachristos - 4/5/2016 at 12:14 PM
Hi.  I'm new to SmarterMail.
I used to run Desknow email server. 
The way I'd add a DNSBL entry, say for example "es.countries.nerd.dk", I would just enter that in the list of DNSBL's and it would stop any connection.. I mean it just works..
In SM, I also put the return code associated with that (in this case, "").  It still doesn't work.
I entered every single listing (every country coded line) and added a weight to see how it scores but SM just shows "[PASSED]" in the delivery logs.  
What am I missing?

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Scarab Replied
Are you sure you want to use the Hostname of es.countries.nerd.dk? We use zz.countries.nerd.dk with the associated Lookup Value of the country we want to weigh, and then mark "ENABLED" next to the REQUIRED LOOKUP VALUE field. 
If you use es.countries.nerd.dk as the Hostname you wouldn't use a Lookup Value other than When using zz.countries.nerd.dk as the Hostname you would then use for the Lookup Value to determine if it originates from ES (Spain).
Chris Papachristos Replied
ah!  I see clearly now.  You've answered my confusion.
I have all 200+ entries (one for each country) to see how things are flowing and to build a model of which countries are contributing to my spam dealing headache.
(just for conversation sake)
However, if I would use the "zz" hostname would I also require adding a ton of country specific Lookup Values? 
I'm sure using "zz" is more efficient.
I think you've set my confusion straight.  I appreciate the reply!
Ian Ralph Replied
Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but does anyone know if countries.nerd.dk is still going / maintained?

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