Folder Auto-Clean needs tweaking
Problem reported by David Fisher - 3/29/2016 at 12:00 PM
  I feel the folder auto-clean needs some work, a person cannot add new rules without overriding defaults, if they do override defaults, the defaults disappear, so they don't know what the rules are.
   I believe two things need to be done :
1) Allow people to add custom rules, to their own folders and keep the default rules.
2) Allow people to view the default rules, and/or keep them there when they override them.

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Scarab Replied
I agree. From a Domain or System Administrator perspective this is a glaring oversight. I know that Spam Filtering used to have the same problem. They fixed this very same issue with Filtering > Spam Filtering but didn't with Filtering > Folder Auto-Clean. Not really sure why they didn't tackle them both at the same time.

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