Outlook 2016 does not show attachments
Problem reported by John Spackman - 3/22/2016 at 1:59 AM
I've recently switched from IMAP to Exchange for connecting my Outlook 2016 to SmarterMail, but none of the attachments are showing; they are still in the email, and I can download them via the webmail interface, but as far as Outlook is concerned they just don't exist.
Possibly related to this is that Outlook is unable to recognise conversations any more, all messages just appear in a list and are not grouped at all - when using IMAP, that same folder full of emails was grouped as you would expect.
Is there a fix for this?  Or is this another known bug which will be fixed with SM 15?
I'm using SmarterMail Enterprise Version 14.5.5871

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