Activesync Calendar Issue
Problem reported by Kevin McNally - 3/21/2016 at 10:20 AM


I just had a customer leave us because the shared calendar feature with Activesync is buggy. I thought I would post my steps to the forum to see if anyone has a solution. I have tried support but they don't seem to have answer:

  1. I have 2 accounts setup to test, if I add a Calendar Item in my default account in Outlook (latest version) it shows up in Smartermail right away.
  2. If I add a Calendar Item to my 2nd non default calendar in Outlook, they do not show up in Smartermail.
  3. However, if I create a new Calendar Item in Smartermail directly on the 2nd account all my tests from Outlook suddenly appear.
On a side note: 
Occasionally I will delete an item in Outlook and it will not sync to the deleted items folder. I also find emails in my inbox on Smartermail that are not syncing to Outlook.
Thank you,

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Joey Proctor Replied
I see the same problem and one of our customers has requested a meeting next week about the issue. We are concerned that they are going to request we go a different direction with their email solution. Has this been resolved for you? If so how?
Thank you!
Kevin McNally Replied
Hi Joey
I was told they are working on a fix, but I have not received it yet. Maybe SmarterTools can comment.

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