Font size is showing smaller than HTML setting in recipient email
Problem reported by Karl Jones - March 3, 2016 at 9:31 AM
What is happening is that smartermail users are sending emails using the default 12 Ariel font and when it is being received at the other end it is displaying smaller!! 
Now i'm not talking about a zoom issue here. The html source says 12 or 18 for instance, but it is visibly smaller and when you check the actual size it shows as 9 and 13.5 respectively. It is happening with several of the new clients in the current smartermail 14 and i can't figure out what is causing it or why.
Has anyone come across this.? is theis a known problem? Any suggestions?

Please don't suggest zoom.... it's not the problem, it's already at 100% in the reading and compose pane of the recipients outlook..

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I have experienced the exact same problem with composing email in SmarterMail web interface in the past, however, it has been a while since I've seen it happen. Which makes me wonder what version of SmarterMail are you running. (Nvm. I see you mentioned v14 specifically) I don't ever recall seeing such an issue mentioned in the Release Notes, but I don't think we've experienced the problem you are describing since version 12 (maybe v13).

Other than making sure you are on a recent version, (As you are on v14) the only other thing I can suggest is to try the following:

Under a single user account go to SETTINGS > ACCOUNT SETTINGS and click on the COMPOSE tab. Change the Font and Font Size to anything other than their current settings and click [SAVE]. Once saved, try changing them back to the desired settings and click [SAVE] again. I suspect that may resolve the problem for that user. If it fixes it for that user you can go as an Admin into SETTINGS > DEFAULTS and use USER PROPAGATION to repopulate the Font and Font Size to all accounts.

(Basically, I think the web interface displays the user defaults if that specific user settings file doesn't have the Font and Font Size defined, i.e. null value, but the compose email function will use the first Font available and the first Font Size when one isn't defined in the user settings file, which would be Arial 8.)
Thanks for the reply. The problem doesn't seem to occur in the way you describe. It is not an issue of it picking the first available font, it is literally changing the the size of a prescribed font, as a test we sent a 12 point and a 18 point Ariel font and the 12 was displayed on the recipients computer at 9 and the 18 displayed at 13.5?? The source html shows it defined correctly but the recipients outlook is displaying the odd sizes. Just to confirm, it is not a zoom problem as the zoom is a 100%.
I'm not even sure if it's smartermail as everything seems to be correct when you review the composed email, it just gets to the other side smaller.? Check that, i actually did a side by side comparison of both outlook and smartermail compose new email and set them at 18. Smartermail is indeed visibly smaller.
I understand now, and that is indeed different the old problem with small font sizes that SmarterMail had once upon a time. If you compared the Source of both messages and the Font Size is defined correctly in the email composed in SmarterMail, then it's definitely a problem in Outlook.
Outlook has settings that define (and overrides) the Font Size of emails when it is displaying it as Plain-Text. By default, newer versions of Outlook display emails as Plain-Text. HTML emails will be displayed as Plain-Text but Outlook composed HTML emails will be displayed as RTF which is why they are displaying differently in Outlook despite having similar Source. (For example, if you were to send an HTML email in GMail using the same Font Size it would probably display in Outlook similar to the one composed in SmarterMail.)
You can either remove the setting "Read all standard mail in plain text" under FILE > OPTIONS > TRUST CENTER > EMAIL SECURITY in Outlook (2010 and above) or under FILE > OPTIONS > MAIL > STATIONARY & FONTS set the Font Size as desired under "Composing & Reading Plain Text Messages".
Note: You will have to click off whatever email you had previously selected when changing these settings and click back on it to see the changes applied.
A side by side comparison of compose new email fonts set at 18 point shows the smartermail to be visibly smaller, even though the source code says 18 point. To get around it i have set everyones default to 14 point so it will at least show a reasonable size when received.
Is anyone else able to do a comparison to see if it exists elsewhere but just not being noticed.?
Issue is font measurement size.    They are defaulting to px vs pt size.  Messes with printing emails,  etc.
If and email is from outlook,  and forwarded with no change or reply then forward size is correct, but reply (opening compose window,  immediately drops fonts on all threads in that email to px vs pt.  (11px vs 11pt is like... 15px..

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