SmarterMail 14.5.5871 IMAP migration shows lots of blank emails
Problem reported by Jay Altemoos - 2/26/2016 at 1:30 PM
We are currently running SM 14.5.5871 enterprise on our mail server. We have a company we currently migrating from one provider to our server. We are using the migration tool in SM and using IMAP to bring all of their messages and folder to our server. Looking at the users mailboxes the users that have a lot of messages (17,000+) seem to be suffering the worst. Users with lots of messages (10,000+ emails) have a lot of completely blank messages. No subject line and no message body. Then there are also messages that duplicated in their inbox that have a subject line but no message except the first one that arrived. For example, 5 duplicated emails but 4 of them have a subject but no message body and 1 that has everything included in the message.
Reading over the fixes on this build it looks like they addressed this problem. Did anyone else have this issue?

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Jay Altemoos Replied
Opened a ticket with support on this.

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