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Question asked by Karl Jones - February 19, 2016 at 6:45 PM
I am acting as Consultant and administrator for several non profit clients who, at my recommendation, use the 10 user version and one client who has just purchased the enterprise version with activesync. They have many questions about certain features they were able to use with Outlook.
I am going to create a different thread for each one and will repeat this intro for each one.
In outlook, images created as icons or email sig images are displayed inside the email (once allowed). In smartermail they are listed as attachments to the email. is it possible to display the images as intended in the body of the email and not as a list of attachments, or can it be made an available feature.?

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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hello Karl,
From my experience and testing, as long as the user's settings allow for HTML to be displayed in email messages, signature attachments and icons should show inline in webmail. 
Are your users experiencing something different?

Andrea Rogers
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Hello Andrea,
It would seem that despite HTML being set as the default email setting it is showing email logos and other images as attachment lists and not displaying them inline. They have only been using smartermail for 2 weeks and it's not Outlook.! :-) I may have to speak to them further on this on my next visit, next week.
There was a decision to try to use smartermail across the board rather than mix and match with outlook, mainly for support reasons. It might be that it's just too hard to teach old dogs new tricks and i may have to allow power users in management to continue to use Outlook, although i already know it will cause them trouble in calendars and contacts...!!!

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