An IMAP account reporting high bandwith since upgrade to 14.5.5871
Problem reported by Ray Cook - February 18, 2016 at 4:36 AM
We have noticed one particular IMAP account using 17gb of bandwidth yesterday and 12gb today.

The account holder sends and receives few emails.

The logs show connection to his cell phone and desktop every 5 minutes and disconnect a few seconds later which is normal. No email is being sent and only a few received today, some with small attachments of a few mb.

The rate of bandwidth increase  seems to be about 1gb per hour. He has a small number of emails on his account - it's not like he is synching 1000's of emails. I'd say his usage is in the lower 5% of our customers' usage.

This appears to have happened since we upgraded although that could be a red herring. As I have only noticed it on a single account it would suggest an issue with that account and even a false value in the stats?

Has anyone else experienced this? What could cause it? Is there anyway I can get to a higher granularity in investigating what is increasing the bandwidth at this rate
*Our bandwidth on IMAP was typically 5gb per weekday. yesterday after upgrade was 58gb and today 20gb thus far. Coincidence?

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Well, I have apparently resolved this problem by moving the Sent Items folder contents to another folder and running a restore on both folders. The relentless growth in bandwidth has stopped.
I was guided to the source of the problem when I tried to open the Sent Items folder from the SM web interface and got a time out.
I have no idea what was happening but I suspect that SM was somehow fooled into thinking that the contents of the folder were being continuously sent when this was not the case.
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What did you upgrade from? 
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