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Question asked by Lenny Estrin - February 14, 2016 at 2:37 AM
our SM is configured to use commercial SMTP relay service as gateway and we host several domains.
Lets say our domain is, user sends us e-mail from and we want to forward that email to This is configured easily through Smartermail User administration on "Forwarding" tab.
However, some domains do not let us forward mail on our behalf, for example,, If we are forwarding to, our SMTP relay service logs shows entries like this:
"5.7.0 (BAY004-MC5F8) Unfortunately, messages from (A.B.C.D) on behalf of ( could not be delivered due to domain owner policy restrictions."
Is there a way to fix this? Could we set up forwarding in way it puts *our* domain in FROM when forwarding, but still not loose information that email was forwarded from

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Lenny, domains that use SPF could the problem. Check out this thread:
Also, Bruce has a good KB article that explains how it all works and how to enable SRS to fix it:

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