SmarterMail Active Directory Integration Issues
Problem reported by rishikesh Somshetti - 2/13/2016 at 9:30 PM
Dear All,
We are migrating our one client, currently they are using active directory and Exchange.
Now they are migrating some mailboxes on smartermail and some mail boxes will be on same Exchange.
We have created same Domain and created user through LDAP (Authentication Mode - Active Directory)
All require users we have imported, now there are issues we are getting as explained below.
1- Which users have not created in SM that email ids are not showing in Global address list.
2- If System admin changing the password or changing the display name in AD that user display name not being change in SM.
3- User which has been created Authentication Mode active directory, in that users we are not able to set backup email ID or any editing in his profile.
4- Users are only able to login in SM webmail, either Active directory ID (12345) or the email ID (user@domain.com) but customer want both should be work.
5- Manually we are not able to create any SM user Authentication Mode Active Directory.
There are many more bug and issue related to AD which we are facing and we are unable to deliver good mailing solution with SmarterMail,
Please check if any one aware about the issues kindly suggest us.
For SM information we are using below edition.
SmarterMail Enterprise Edition
Version 14.5.5871

Rishikesh Somshetti
NetGains Technologies Pvt Ltd.,
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Website: www.netgainstechnologies.com
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Connie DeCinko Replied
Did you ever get a response? Seems pretty important to be ignored.

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