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Problem reported by Scarab - February 10, 2016 at 3:53 PM
Being Fixed
Getting prepared to install the newest v14.5.5871 update tonight on all of our Mail Servers and discovered that the DOWNLOAD link at is no longer working. (Tried in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Explorer)

Does this mean another update is being issued as we speak, or is it just broken?

I'd really hate to have to wait another 30 days until our next scheduled maintenance window before being able to upgrade our SmarterMail there perhaps another download method or secret link?

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Andrea Rogers Replied
Employee Post
Hi Scarab,
Sorry to hear you were having trouble downloading SmarterMail. Were you able to get it resolved when you found the .exe in the page source?
I'm having this issue looked into now... If you can offer any more details for troubleshooting that'd be great. What machine are you using? What OS are you on? Which version of Windows? Did you try on Mac as well?
Also, are you using any ad blockers on any of the browsers?
Thank you! 
Andrea Rogers 
Communications Specialist 
SmarterTools Inc. 
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