Active Directory Email ID Login Issue.
Problem reported by Rishikesh Somshetti - February 6, 2016 at 10:26 AM
Dear Team,
We are doing Ad integration and creating user through LDAP,
As per customer requirement he wants the users should be login through his created user id in AD (e. i. 154853), but when he will reply mail should go from his email ID
We have tested two option which you have given in 14.5 but we are not able to set the customer requirement as he is demanding.
When we are creating user in Smarter Mail as an AD user than mail is going from
When we are creating user by choosing option Use Active directory Email as username then user not able to login
Kindly do the needful and let us know how we can full fill the requirement as customer demanding.
Hope you will understand the Importance will act accordingly.
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