How to set "System Administrator" email address which is being used for Delivery Failure emails?
Question asked by Webio - February 3, 2016 at 6:22 AM
is there any possibility to set "System Administrator" email address from somewhere in SmarterMail admin section? There are templates for password expiration and mailbox size but none for delivery delay notification.

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Great catch, Webio!
I just checked to see if there was any kind of a default "sent from" address in the events configuration and the new events tool just populates a blank sender.  If the notifications could come from either the DOMAIN administrator, in the case of domain specific messages, in the case of SYSTEM wide notifications, or events where there is no domain administrator configured for the specific domain, from the SmarterMail administrator, this would be a significant step toward ensuring that:
  • messages are not ignored by the recipient;
  • messages are not blocked as SPAM by the likes of:
  • messages are less likely to be filtered into the SPAM box on a user's client or SmarterMail web interface account.
Thanks for bringing this up!  Maybe you should make it into a suggestion.
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I'm running into the problem as well.
If you exceed a message size limit (with a big attachment) the NDR email that is sent back to the sender appears to have a blank From Address no Return-Path.
Is there a solution or workaround?
Running into this problem.  Any solution?
Same for me. is there any solution to this problem ? 
Does anyone have a solution for this using Version 15.x
Same problem.  I had internal spammer notifications (and other things) emailing <my-cell-number>, so in effect texting me.  Was working fine until T-Mobile stopped accepting emails with empty return paths.  Had to switch it to my gmail, but how long will it be before gmail stops accepting messages with no return path? 
Hey SmarterTools, are you guys ever going to address this?  I'm using version 15.  I could upgrade to 16 except for 2 things: 1) I was told by a ST rep that I'd probably want to wait a bit, and 2) as the system admin, I need the ability to view users' passwords, which I understand has been completely removed from v16. 
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