active sync outlook 2016 all day event not synced correctly
Problem reported by digital.iway - 1/29/2016 at 7:32 AM
I am running SM enterprise 14.4.5801

I add a all day event to my outlook 2016 calendar.  this is a calendar that I added to outlook from SM.   In outlook it shows correctly and in the web interface it shows correctly.  When looking a the calendar on my mobile device using active sync the event is showing one day behind.  This is for all events that are marked "all day".  This is a major problem for all my clients.

what is the fix for this and is anyone else having this issue??


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Bruce Barnes Replied
You should consider upgrading to 14.5.5781.
One of the fixes noted in the release notes states, "Fixed: A scenario in Exchange ActiveSync where a sync key mismatch could cause a null reference exception to occur which prevents a proper response to the client."
More information, and a link to both the complete release notes, and the download, here: https://portal.smartertools.com/news/429/smartermail-14_5_5871-now-available.aspx
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digital.iway Replied
I just completed the upgrade and the problem remains but has changed.   I did the upgrade by fully removing the SM install and rebooting. re-installed SM then removed the synced device from the web mail / removed the account from the device and added it back.

the device now displays the all day entries as TWO DAY EVENTS starting a day prior.
This seems like a bug to me and if you can confirm I will submit a tick unless SM responds to this thread???

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