Missing Deleted Items folder
Problem reported by YS Tech - 1/29/2016 at 3:28 AM
For some reason on some accounts, not all, the Deleted Items folder is missing, this is mainly on iphone or ipad but not always the case.
All accounts are IMAP, so shouldn't the folder structure be reflected on each IMAP device?
I know there may be some renaming of folders depending on the software and that "Sent" folder gets allocated to the "Sent Items" folder.
But for example:
1) my Mac & iphone "Deleted Items" is there but in SM "Deleted Messages" folder is also there.
2) same account, iphone shows "Sent" folder,  mac shows "Sent Items" folder and SM shows "Sent Items" & "Sent Messages" folders.
3) On a different account I have on iphone "Trash", SM "Deleted Messages" & Mac "Bin"
Now this could all be down to mappings possibly, but my client has the following issue where the mappings appear correct on his iphone but Deleted Mailbox = Deleted Messages, but this doesn't appear in his folder list.
Any idea what the issue is?

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kevind Replied
Anthony, I looked on some of our iOS devices and noticed that Deleted Items does not display in the list of folders either. It shows the Trash folder which maps to the Deleted Items. I'm guessing this must be the default behavior when you set up an IMAP account. Looks like it's that way with ActiveSync also.
Looked in iPhone Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> chose the IMAP account -> Account -> Advanced -> and saw that iPhone Trash mapped to Deleted Items.
Maybe there's another client in play here, like Outlook, that is creating additional folders (Deleted Messages) and iOS doesn't know which folder to map to?

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