Ability to hide domain aliases in dropdown for "FROM" address and autocomplete
Idea shared by Brian Ellwood - 1/27/2016 at 10:04 AM
We have quite a few domains related to our primary domain which are aliased.
The "FROM" dropdown is rather long and more often than not, when I'm trying to email someone on my primary domain, autocomplete suggests an address for them which is aliased based vs primary domain based.
Would be nice to be able to opt these domain aliases out from GAL, FROM, etc
Thank you =)

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You have my vote. I agree that it would be nice to turn off the "From" dropdown so that it doesn't show aliases when composing a new message.
I didn't see any aliases in the GAL or autocomplete, but if autocomplete was changed to use Contacts, it would fix this.
Is this being considered at all?

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