No domains in administration after migration
Problem reported by Fritz Keller - 1/26/2016 at 8:27 AM
I did move Smartermail 13 from Windows 2003 to a new Windows 2008 Server. I copied all domains/mail to the new server, same location as on old server. I then upgraded to version 14 after uninstalling 13 on the new server. Before I stopped both servers and copied over all .xml and .dat files to the new location services. Now I have all working, all configurations are here as on the old server, but no domains show up in the administration. It's empty. But users can login, they have their mails, all is here. But as no domains show up I cannot administrate them. What could be the problem that there are not shown, domainlist.xml is correct and in correct place? I'm very thankful for ideas and help in this matter, as all except this does work fine.

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Fritz Keller Replied
More strange. It works and the domains show up in all versions of Firefox. In all my Microsoft IE Browsers no domains present, this with IE 8, 9, 11 on Vista, Windows 8 and 10, one machine of my businesspartner, everywhere no domains, but with Firefox they are here. What could be the problem of all German Microsoft Browsers that not one does work?

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