ActiveSync uses the primary domain and not the domain alias used in the account setup
Problem reported by Allan Romme - 1/11/2016 at 3:04 AM
ActiveSync uses the primary domain and not the domain alias used in the account setup.
We have setup SmarterMail with domainA.com as primary domain and domainB.com as an alias domain.
On the clients we have setup an ActiveSync account using user@domainB.com
Everything works fine, until the user are sending an email, because it's received as user@domainA.com
In the ActiveSync log I can see that the connection are done using the alias domain, user@domainB.com, but in the "Add" element I can see that it's using the primary domain, like <From xmlns="Email">"User" &lt;user@domainA.com&gt;</From>
What to do?

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markus Replied
Same problem here.
It looks like each user connecting through EAS (ActiveSync) is always using his primary mailbox- and domain-name (that one licensed for EAS) as Return-Path, From, Reply-to or whatever else the recipient could use to answer to the message.

The client account (we testet on the original gmail-app on a Android 5.1 device) can be configured with the Alias mailbox- and domain-name. Fetching incoming and sending outgoing messages is working fine. Even is nowhere on client side is configured the EAS-licensed username, every outgoing message is using exactly this one as mailfrom... Up to now we haven't found any way to change this limiting behavior.
Allan Romme Replied
Are this issue fixed in the newest version of SmarterMail ?
Michael Price Replied
Same question - have the latest version of SM 15.5.x.  
In Exchange you can set the primary email address.  Not sure if SM has an equivalent feature?

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